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Winter Storage Contract & Documents

Winter Storage Information

Members that wish to store their boat on the premises, need to complete the Winter Storage Contract and return it with full payment by the due date specified.

-Members who stored their boat at the Club either of the two (2) storage years prior to this season, and file a timely contract will have priority to storage, based on seniority.Winter Storage South Lot

-Members who did not store their boat either of the two (2) storage years prior to this season, and who file a timely contract, shall be placed in a "space available by seniority pool".

-Members who stored their boat at the Club either of the two (2) storage years prior to this season, but file their contract after the due date, will be accepted on a first come basis after any member who filed by the due date.

Calculating the cost of storage

The method of calculating storage fees is boat length times boat width times a fee (see contract) plus tax (L x W x fee + tax). The width of all boats not previously in storage will be measured after haul out. Any variance in the fee submitted due to an incorrect width will be debited, or credited to the member’s account.

Please note: Boat width should be rounded to the nearest foot. Therefore, a width of 8'5" is considered 8', and a boat width of 8'6" is considered 9'.


In order to optimize the limited amount of time for launching, all members who store are required to schedule their launch date and time with the office no later than the date specified in the winter storage contract. If a launch date and time is not scheduled by that date a charge of $50.00 will be assessed and the Club will assign a launch date and time.Cradle If any member fails to appear for their launch date as scheduled, they will be assigned the last available opening and Per a Board of Trustees motion on October 20, 2008 a $250 penalty will be assessed for any missed launch or haul out time or date, if the office is not notified at least 7 days in advance.

The launch book is normally available in March. Please contact the Club's office (216-281-6470) around this time of the year to schedule your launch date (Yard 216-281-1518).

Please Note: Members, who do not store their boat at the Club, will only be allowed to launch their boats at the Club on Tuesday mornings.

Insurance & Ownership

Unless they are presently on file, application for winter storage must be accompanied by current proof of ownership (Documentation, or Ohio Title) and a copy of the declaration page for current (in force) liability insurance in the amount not less than $100,000.

Updated 9/8/2021