Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
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Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Yard / Service / Gas Dock:                                 216-281-1518
Office: 216-281-6470
Bar: 216-281-2441
Guard: 216-281-5013
Pool: 216-281-1091

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All contractors doing work on the premises need to be registered with the Club office and provide information outlined on the Outside Contractor Agreement form

Items needed include:
  1. Contractor's s General Liability insurance policy with insurance coverage of at least $500,000
  2. Worker's Compensation Insurance
  3. A signed EYC Outside Contractor Agreement
This applies to boat repairmen, sail makers, brokers, sign painters, etc. If you are not sure that a contractor you want to use is registered, please contact the guard, yard or office.

The gate security will not let a contractor on the premises unless the Member has previously Guardnotified the guard (gate phone 216-281-5013 voicemail x 28) that they are expected and the contractor has turned in all information required (see agreement form link above). When they arrive, they will be asked to log-in. They are expected to clean up the area they worked in prior to logging-out.

This rule is to protect the Members and the Member's property. If you are having a friend help you work on your vessel, and that friend does not have listed liability proof, the Member must be present while the friend is on the premises. In this case, the Member is liable for any damage done to the property or other boats.

Updated 5/10/13